Fortnite Best Places For Loot – Chapter 2

Multiplayer games have given new meaning to the game world. Everything present in the game is on the level of perfection. These games have combined gammers from all over the world to a single platform. Fortnite has also played a unique role in this fraternity. Youtube live streaming of games are trending nowadays. Fortnite game developers(Epic Games) have launched their new season in which they have introduced a new map. They have introduced the best places for loot where you can find a lot of stuff

A lot of gamers are wondering to know about these places where they can loot and survive in this multiplayer game without any problem. Developers have updated this game with beautiful maps. These places are called Fortnite best places for loot. Let’s have a look

Retail Row

You will not belive that this location is a returning location for you because you will love to visit this location again and again. It is a great place to visit. You can find a huge amount of loot there. There is also a disadvantage of being there because of many players will land there for the loot and that may be difficult for you

Steamy Stacks

One of the best and beautiful places introduced by the developers in the northeast corner of the map is Steamy Stacks. This place has beautiful visit areas like Monument, Cube, and Kevin which is loaded with the number of chests. That’s why every player wants to come here first to loot

Camp Cod

One of the beautiful landmark, which is very huge and is not named on the map. With three distant areas, Where you can go for a perfect loot i.e enormous house, Target practice zone, and a junkyard. This landmark is located on the southeast corner of the map. This place is the best for the gamers to compete with the other players and show their gaming skills

So these are some Fortnite best places for loot, Enjoy the stuff you loot from here and become a champion of the game

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